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  • Inclusive growth

    An economy for all

    We want to build an economy that enables all people to contribute to and benefit from wealth creation, and enjoy a decent standard of living.

    We believe we can drive economic growth by connecting people to economically viable opportunities, supporting career and work progression and using investment and procurement to drive change, grow local markets and supply chains, and increase productivity.

    Over the next six months we will be creating a free programme of events to bring people together, share ideas, create new ones and be part of a growing and inclusive economy.

    Our inclusive growth events schedule

    Monday, 13 November Poverty How employers can address low pay by using equality impact assessments Register
    November Productivity What businesses can do to promote inclusive growth Coming soon
    November Anchors How to optimise public spend for inclusive growth Coming soon
    November      Living wages Health & social care and the living wage Coming soon
    December Community engagement Business, disability and innovation Coming soon

    We hope that people from the business, public, education, voluntary and charity sectors will register to take part along with people representing special interest groups and local communities. 

    If you think there are ways that we can do this better or if you have an event in mind please get in touch.