100 Days in Office

It's been 100 days since the Mayor of West Yorkshire, Tracy Brabin, started her term as the first ever Mayor of West Yorkshire and the first female metro mayor in England. Since then she's already started to deliver on her pledges.

In the first 100 days I have focused on laying the ground for delivery of my 10 manifesto pledges.

It’s been a very busy first 100 days. Alongside delivery planning, I am carrying out key actions aligned to the pledges. I have been meeting and listening to people and stakeholders across the region and beyond, and establishing and consolidating the partnerships which we will need to make devolution work for West Yorkshire.

A key achievement has been taking the first steps towards my pledge to bring buses back under public control. These measures will result in a more flexible bus network that offers users improved accessibility, more routes and bus times that meet the needs of travellers, with simpler fares. The plans we’ve published are the first step to fulfilling my pledge.  I want buses to be the first choice for travel in our region. Not because you don’t have a car, but because they’re more affordable, convenient to use, and better for the environment. Our buses should work for us, not the other way round.

We have attached money to every one of my 10 manifesto pledges –

We have really hit the ground running!

I would like to thank those partners – particularly the five Councils of West Yorkshire who have supported my 10 pledges and I know that we will continue to work together to deliver for the people of West Yorkshire.

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The best thing about being Mayor of West Yorkshire and the first UK woman metro mayor, is being a voice for the people in our fantastic region.

Bringing buses back under public control 

I took the first steps in bringing buses back under public control, by going into an Enhanced Partnership with bus operators. The move will unlock a share of £3 billion worth of national Government funding to improve services for local people.

I hope that a partnership with the operators will bring cheaper, simpler bus fares, and a more reliable service to the region. 

In addition, last month we launched the Under 19 Fare Deal for Young People reducing bus fares for most young people across our region.

I want more choice and better service for bus users. So, if you’re working an early or late shift in the hospitality sector or our NHS, or on a night out, you should be able to count on there being a safe bus to get you home. If a good and reliable public transport system is good enough for London it’s good enough for us here in West Yorkshire.

Put women and girls at the heart of the Mayor’s policing plan and recruit 750 more frontline police officers and staff to fight crime

On 18 June I was delighted to confirm Alison Lowe as the new Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime. I hope that we can use our lived experiences to put victims and survivors at the heart of everything we do – and give them a voice.

I secured over £3.5m in funding to reduce crime and support victims across West Yorkshire including programmes to support women and girls’ safety.
Consultation has begun with community groups on how best to keep women and girls safe as I work towards my first Police and Crime Plan.

We are working with the Chief Constable on a plan to recruit the additional officers/ staff and increase the diversity of the workforce to make it more representative of the communities it serves. 

Create 1,000 well paid, skilled jobs for young people and prioritise skills and training.

I will help ensure that West Yorkshire’s recovery from the pandemic rebuilds our economy fit for a low carbon future.

On 9 August I announced a new Green Jobs Taskforce to oversee delivery of over 1000 Green Jobs in West Yorkshire – jobs that help us reach our net zero climate target.

I also announced that the Combined Authority  committed £500,000 to begin development of initiatives to support young people aged 16-30 to enable them to improve their skills and to engage with high skilled well-paid jobs in emerging sectors such as green and digital. 

We also launched the Employment and Skills Framework which sets out support to help people find new jobs and build new skills in high demand sectors.

I want to make sure everyone in our region has access to fulfill their potential – whether that’s through education, skills, development or jobs. I want to make sure there is fair access for everyone to achieve their ambitions here in West Yorkshire.

Leading a Creative New Deal 

West Yorkshire has such creative talent, and I want to see it flourish.

On 10 August I hosted a roundtable with the cultural sector, as part of my commitment to creating a new Culture Committee which will oversee delivery of the ‘Creative New Deal’. 

£500,000 of funding has been announced to support development of the scheme, including £190k for continuation of Beyond Brontë’s scheme – developing film and production skills in young people.  

Build 5000 sustainable homes including council houses and affordable homes  

On 29 July at the meeting of the West Yorkshire Combined Authority, which I chair, we set out the affordable housing programmes that would meet the target, alongside £3.2m of funding from the Devolution Deal to work up the pipeline of affordable and sustainable housing projects.

We also agreed the programme of projects through the £66.7m Brownfield Housing Fund to support the development of new homes on brownfield sites by March 2025. 

My key aim is economic recovery from the COVID pandemic – ensuring a fair and just recovery from COVID, that works for all of our communities.

Inclusivity agenda

On 24 June I signed the Armed Forces Covenant on behalf of West Yorkshire Combined Authority – to help retired service people find work after leaving the forces.

On 26 July I announced plans and funding for a Fair Work Charter for West Yorkshire, setting the standards expected of employers for good work in the region:

  • reducing in-work poverty,
  • boosting health and wellbeing,
  • and promoting greater economic inclusion for our disadvantaged groups and communities.

In addition, at the July meeting of the West Yorkshire Combined Authority I announced plans and funding to recruit a West Yorkshire Inclusivity Champion to ensure that the region’s recovery is just and benefit’s all our communities.  


Support local businesses and be a champion for our local economy

I set out plans to refresh the West Yorkshire Economic Recovery Plan to ensure region builds back better from the impacts of the COVID pandemic.

Since I was elected, we have also finalised a £6m entrepreneurship package of support to help budding entrepreneurs, from all parts of West Yorkshire, start-up businesses.

In addition, I have been backing the campaign against the privatisation of Channel 4, I’ve also lobbied the Government on their plans for the Northern train network including progress on Northern Powerhouse Rail and HS2.

COVID response  

As well as delivering on the ten pledges, I have set out a clear response to the COVID pandemic.

Following the Government’s announcement to remove requirements for face masks on public transport I joined with Metro Mayors across the country to call on the Government to reverse their decision – so as to build confidence and maintain safety on buses and trains. 

In addition, I mandated face coverings in all bus stations across the region to ensure we are protecting the vulnerable and limiting the spread of Coronavirus as much as possible. Unlike in London, I don’t have the power to do this across the network, which is why taking more public control of the bus system is so important.

Tackling the Climate Emergency  

The recent UN report confirmed what we already know: human activity is responsible for global warming, and we urgently need to change our behaviours to save the planet. That’s why this pledge is so important.

On 13 July, I attended the International Net Zero Local Leadership Summit and joined UK 100, committing the West Yorkshire Combined Authority to focus on climate and clean energy policy, which will support our ambition to make West Yorkshire a net-zero carbon economy by 2038.

In addition, we’ve committed £800,000 to our Net Zero Region Accelerator to develop projects that will boost green jobs, restore nature, and tackle air pollution.

In September, we will publish a Climate and Environment Action Plan to bring our environmental vision to life, enabling the Combined Authority to:

  • Reach net-zero operations by 2038.
  • Decarbonise our transport system through green technologies like electric vehicles.
  • Improve the energy efficiency of our homes and offices.
  • Accelerate investment in natural flood management.
  • Create green jobs so that the people of West Yorkshire can excel in the careers of the future. 

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