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The devolution deal builds on more than 15 years of successful partnership working between West Yorkshire councils and the wider Leeds City Region

The devolution deal builds on more than 15 years of successful partnership working between West Yorkshire councils and the wider Leeds City Region. 

The West Yorkshire Combined Authority works in partnership with local councils and businesses to ensure that everyone in our region benefits from a strong, successful economy and a modern, accessible transport network.  

By championing the region’s interests nationally and internationally, we secure government and other investment to drive the region forward. We are currently investing around £2 billion to deliver better transport and housing, regenerate our towns and cities and protect our environment. We also help businesses to grow and create skilled jobs, and provide support, funding, and information to help people travel around the region easily on good quality public transport and cycleways, and supporting the region’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Through the West Yorkshire Combined Authority, partner authorities already work together to make decisions at a regional level, but now the public will be able to directly elect a mayor to ensure accountability for the additional powers and funding made available through the West Yorkshire devolution deal. 

You can find out more about our corporate plan and see how we spend our budget here. 

We are already seeing the benefits from devolution, including:  

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