Corporate Plan 21 - 22

Welcome to our Corporate Plan for 21 - 22, setting out our achievements from 20 - 21 and details our plans to continue the transformation of our economy over the next 12 months.

A foreword from the Mayor

"As Mayor of West Yorkshire and Chair of the Combined Authority, I want our region to be a place where there are no barriers to getting on and succeeding in life.

Whether studying and training to advance a career, or starting and growing a business, or enjoying the quality of life our region has to offer, I want everyone from our vibrant, diverse communities to have the opportunity
to make a difference, lead their best life and enjoy the benefits of a strong, growing economy.

But we cannot ignore the many challenges the pandemic has created. While many businesses and individuals have adapted with incredible flexibility and positivity, the last year has seen a sharp rise in unemployment, many
workers across our region placed on furlough and our young people’s education disrupted.

The effects of the pandemic will be felt for a long time to come, and without targeted support to help people back into work and build new skills, we risk damaging the life chances of an entire generation.

This Corporate Plan sets out the Combined Authority’s ambitious plans to tackle these and other challenges facing our region over the coming year and beyond, as well as fulfilling my manifesto pledges."

Our work focuses on the following areas...

  1. Boosting productivity

    Helping businesses to grow and invest in the region and their workforce, to drive economic growth, increase innovation and create jobs.
  2. Enabling inclusive growth

    Enabling as many people as possible to contribute to, and benefit from, economic growth in our communities and towns.
  3. Delivering 21st century transport

    Creating efficient transport infrastructure to connect our communities, making it easier to get to work, do business and connect with each other.
  4. Tackling the climate emergency

    Growing our economy while cutting emissions and caring for our environment.
  5. Policing and Crime

    Responsibility for exercising the functions of the Police and Crime Commissioner in West Yorkshire transferred to the Mayor of West Yorkshire on 10 May 2021.

Read our Corporate Plan 21 - 22

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