Reports by West Yorkshire Combined Authority Research and Intelligence team.

Economic-Transport Insights Report

West Yorkshire Combined Authority Research and Intelligence publish a monthly COVID-19 economic and transport insights report to help better understand the changing situation since the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Labour market report

An assessment of West Yorkshires skills needed based on a detailed analysis of the supply and demand of skills together with evidence of mismatch and market failure.

Labour Market Report 2019

Labour Market Report 2021

Labour Market Report 2022

External Economic Updates

Read our four-monthly updates to the professional Services Network.

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West Yorkshire Economic Assessment

The Economic Assessment, carried out in March 2020, provides a broad analysis of available data to understand the economy and economic geography of West Yorkshire. It primarily draws on analysis of published data from the Office for National Statistics and other official sources to provide an understanding of economic performance on a range of indicators. It is structured around the five foundations of productivity as set out in the national Industrial Strategy. 

  • Business environment
  • Ideas
  • Infrastructure
  • People
  • Place

Download West Yorkshire Economic Assessment 2020 PDF


North and West Yorkshire Productivity Audit  

A Productivity Audit was undertaken across North and West Yorkshire to gain a deeper understanding of:  

  • Existing key sector strengths and challenges  
  • Emerging sector strengths  
  • Potential opportunities for growth in productivity and good jobs in both emerging and established sectors of the region  
  • Potential opportunities and challenges in both emerging and established sectors. 

The report provides a series of recommendations in relation to business support policies to boost productivity.  

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Understanding the Region’s Innovation Capacity, Capability and Potential

This research provides in-depth analysis to support our understanding of the region’s innovation culture. The report enhances our understanding of how the business culture contributes to innovation performance and the role it plays in the participation in and diffusion of innovation through the region.  

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State of Transport

This is the first monitoring report of the West Yorkshire Transport Strategy 2040, reviewing delivery of the strategy since adoption. The report focuses on key trends in transport and travel across West Yorkshire over two years from 2017 to 2019, set in the context of longer-term trends and benchmarked against comparable city regions.

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