Pay Gap

Information about West Yorkshire Combined Authority’s gender pay gap and ethnicity pay gap, and the measures we are taking to deliver on our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion.

Pay Gap

Like all relevant organisations with 250 or more employees, we publish our gender pay gap information every year.  We now also publish our ethnicity pay gap. 

Although we do not see any gender pay gap as acceptable, the median gender pay gap in our organisation in March 2021 was lower, at 5%, than the median national average of 15% (source: ONS). This is down from 9.44% in 2020, 11.65% in 2019 and 12.10% in 2018.  

While there is more to do, there is already evidence of the progress we are making. Our Mayor, Tracy Brabin, has pledged to truly prioritise equality, diversity and inclusion in our region. We will continue to work to eradicate any pay gap in our organisation to be a standard bearer for equality. Celebrating diversity is central to our values, and we work hard to ensure every member of staff has opportunities to achieve their full potential. 

As part of this, and with support from our staff network groups, we have developed a vision and action plan for equality, diversity and inclusion to fulfil our ambition to be an organisation everyone recognises as having an exemplary approach. This means  celebrating the difference of all the people we serve, work with and employ, holding ourselves to the highest standards in relation to diversity, equality and inclusion, and evidencing our commitment. 

We are proactive about supporting flexible working, and we calculate the pay of all employees using the industry-standard Hay job evaluation system to ensure that all staff are rewarded fairly and consistently, irrespective of gender. 

This is all part of our commitment to making sure our Combined Authority fully reflects the diversity of the region we represent, and is a workplace where everyone can thrive, regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexuality or any other protected characteristic.  

You can view our recent reports and find out what we are doing to reduce the gap below:  

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