Further funding from devolution deal sought to help West Yorkshire

Approval for a further tranche of funding from the government’s £1.8bn West Yorkshire devolution deal will be discussed at the West Yorkshire Combined Authority’s first meeting of this year.

27 January 2022

Further funding from devolution deal sought to help West Yorkshire prosper and flourish

Approval for a further tranche of funding from the government’s £1.8bn West Yorkshire devolution deal will be discussed at the West Yorkshire Combined Authority’s first meeting of this year.

The funds will enable it to make further progress on developing the region’s economy, transforming transport networks, and tackling the climate emergency. 

The details of its 2022/23 budget and business plan will be discussed at the Combined Authority’s forthcoming meeting on February 3. 

The annual £38m ‘Gainshare’ funding provided by government will be used to build on work already done and continue delivering the Mayor of West Yorkshire’s pledges. These include: 

  • The creation of 1,000 Skilled Jobs and growing the economy. 
  • Gaining more local control of bus services to radically improve the passenger experience. 
  • The construction of 5000 new sustainable homes. 
  • Tackling the climate emergency. 
  • A creative new deal for cultural industries in the region. 
  • Improving inclusivity.  
  • Appointing 750 frontline police officers and staff.  
  • Improving safety for women and girls. 

Initial funding has been secured to support each of the Mayoral pledges and work has begun to deliver them. This includes the creation of a Green Jobs Taskforce which oversees the delivery of 1000 Green Jobs in West Yorkshire, a £6m package of support for entrepreneurship and £500,000 of development funding for culture and the creative industries. 

Also included are the launch of the region’s inclusive growth framework and the development of a ‘Fair Work Charter’ for West Yorkshire, the launch of the region’s Bus Service Improvement Plan and securing £830m from government for sustainable transport through City Regional Sustainable Transport Settlement. 

The West Yorkshire Climate Action Plan with an ambitious target of net zero by 2038 has been launched to respond to the climate emergency and a consultation work on the Policing and Crime Plan is now complete. 


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Commenting on the 2022/23 Budget, Tracy Brabin, Mayor of West Yorkshire, said: 

“We are already using funding from the devolution deal to improve people’s lives and make West Yorkshire a great place to live.

A tremendous amount of progress has already been made to improve the region’s economy, enhance its transport networks and to tackle the climate emergency. 

And I am determined to continue this work, so we create more skilled jobs, make the region cleaner and greener, deliver an integrated transport system that serves everyone’s needs and make West Yorkshire safer for everyone, including women and girls. 

But as the Combined Authority presents this 2022/23 budget, my message to government is clear."


West Yorkshire needs more devolution funding and the autonomy to invest it, so that our region can flourish and achieve its true potential.

Tracy Brabin Mayor of West Yorkshire

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