Statement From the Mayor following the decision by First Bus to overhaul its fares structure across West Yorkshire

3 December 2021

Following the decision by First Bus to overhaul its fares structure across West Yorkshire and the introduction of Tap On Tap Off (TOTO) payment technology on its buses, the Mayor of West Yorkshire, Tracy Brabin, said: 

“First’s price changes mean that some people in West Yorkshire will pay more to travel on their services and we cannot support anything that adds to the cost of living, just before Christmas, which is currently very high for many. 

Unfortunately, I currently have no control over how bus operators set their fares. Our Bus Service Improvement Plan does seek to reduce the cost of bus travel, but this may require a different relationship with bus operators.

However, I do welcome the reduction of some fares by First West Yorkshire and the introduction of new tickets which reflect people’s changing travel needs and habits. I also recognise that the introduction of ‘tap on, tap off’ by First is a major investment and a positive step which will make bus travel easier and improve the passenger experience.  

Making ‘tap and go’ available on all services in West Yorkshire is a key aim of our Bus Service Improvement Plan and I hope more bus operators adopt it. And I would urge all bus travellers in West Yorkshire to make sure they are getting the best value by looking carefully at these new options and buying the ticket that’s right for them.” 

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