Thank You West Yorkshire

Open letter from Tracy Brabin, Mayor of West Yorkshire and West Yorkshire Council Leaders -Thank You West Yorkshire.

4 July 2021

Thank You West Yorkshire

This has been eighteen months of unprecedented difficulty for all of us, and so, as we come together to mark Thank You Day, we wanted to take the opportunity to reflect and to give our thanks to you all.

The commitment and dedication that people in West Yorkshire have shown by coming together and supporting each other is something that we, as the Mayor and Council Leaders of West Yorkshire, will be forever grateful for.

The ongoing effects of COVID-19 continue to have a profound impact on our region, and on the people who live and work here. But, right across the region our public sector workers, businesses and communities have come together and delivered extraordinary support to one another.

From the thousands of volunteers who have been delivering food, picking up medicine, or checking in on people, to all the employees who have been on the front line to keeping essential services open and running, and of course our NHS staff who have been saving lives and caring for our nation.

These are truly unprecedented times, and thanks to the determination and selfless acts of the people of West Yorkshire our collective response to the coronavirus pandemic is something we as a region can be incredibly proud of.

This crisis has demonstrated, beyond all doubt, the real strength and value of working in partnership, and, as we approach the long road to recovery, we will continue to build on that collaboration.

We still have a long way to go, and the virus remains a risk for us all. But for now, we want to offer our heartfelt thanks to all of you.