Fare Deal for Young People

We would like to know what you think of our plans to improve the system for bus fares for young people.

We plan to introduce these changes from September 2020.

Young people have told us that access to transport is an important issue to them, and can be a barrier to getting to education, work and leisure opportunities. The cost of travel and the wide range of different ticket options means that some young people don’t always feel confident they are getting the best deal or value for money and have said that ticket prices should be straightforward and easy to understand.

Current Approach

At the moment young people under the age of 19 can travel for half the adult fare on buses in West Yorkshire. If you want to travel for half fare and you are not wearing a school uniform, you need to have an Under 16 or 16-18 Blue MCard to let the bus driver know that you qualify for half fare. There are multi-operator tickets (if you are using more than one bus company) e.g. MyDay or Under 19 Weekly or Monthly. Bus companies also sell their own season tickets e.g. all day, weekly or monthly, which can be used to travel on just that company’s buses. The prices for all of these ticket options vary depending on the ticket you buy and which company’s bus you are travelling on.

The Proposals

During 2020, we will be relaxing the rules on ID so that young people will only need to show identification to prove their age if they look older than 19 to enjoy travel discounts. We are also proposing a new simplified bus fare system which means that under 19s travelling on standard bus services will be guaranteed to pay:

  • A maximum single fare for a short bus journey e.g. 60p for around a mile or three stops
  • A maximum single fare of £1.20 for longer bus journeys

Please be aware that these proposals do not affect dedicated school bus services.

Have your say

Between 23 April and 31 May 2020 we are asking for your feedback on these proposals. Tell us what you think by completing our short survey

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