North Halifax Improved Streets for People

Calderdale Council, in partnership with the West Yorkshire Combined Authority, is working to improve walking and cycling journeys in North Halifax. Making trips on foot, bicycle, scooter or bus, rather than by car, helps improve health and the environment. When we travel in these ways, we lower pollution related to both breathing problems and climate change and improve our own health.

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North Halifax Improved Streets for People 

This project aims to make walking and cycling easier and safer and improve access between North Halifax and Halifax town centre. Improving facilities for cycling and walking will help people get to places more easily in North Halifax, including shops, workplaces, health centres and schools. Improved walkways, crossing places and changes to the street to reduce traffic speeds (traffic calming) also aim to encourage people to walk more.

Please tell us what you think about our plans!

Between 4 November and 30 January 2022,  we are asking for your feedback on the proposals. Your views are important, so please tell us what you think.