Leeds City Region Climate Coalition

The Leeds City Region Climate Coalition was launched by the West Yorkshire Combined Authority and the LEP to bring together politicians, businesses, campaigners and communities as we fight to fulfill our ambition to become the UK’s first net zero carbon city region by 2038.

The Leeds City Region is facing a climate emergency that will have a significant impact on our environment, our economy and our health. The Combined Authority and the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership (the LEP), along with our partners in our local councils and businesses, are committed to tackling climate change.

The Leeds City Region Energy Strategy and Delivery Plan and Leeds City Region Green and Blue Infrastructure Strategy and Delivery Plan are the response of City Region partners to the global challenge of addressing the impacts of climate change, while ensuring a secure, affordable energy supply for residents and businesses and protecting the natural environment for the benefit of the current and future generations.

Both documents set out how activity will be targeted to meet the ultimate goal of becoming a net zero carbon economy by 2038 at the latest while also taking advantage of the benefits it provides to grow the economy and improve residents’ quality of life.

A great amount of work has already been delivered by our partner councils and key stakeholders, some of which have set carbon reduction targets that go beyond national and international levels.

However, it is vital that we work together to create a climate coalition that will allow us to move further and faster on existing targets and embrace new technologies to ensure everyone who lives and works in the City Region benefits.

The pledge

The pledge will act as a tool to launch our ambitions for the City Region and a public statement of the regional commitment to address the effects of climate change. The pledge is not just for today but for the weeks and years to come. It is the beginning of a climate coalition for Leeds City Region - a combined, powerful and collective voice on creating a net zero economy which works for everyone.

We commend our constituent authorities’ ambitious commitments to their carbon reduction targets. We will have made significant progress by 2030 and the city region will be net carbon zero by 2038 at the latest.

We will do this by:

  • Delivering actions that mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change in line with local  and organisational climate change targets, plans and priorities.
  • Creating a climate coalition between local government, industry, business and civic society to tackle one of the most challenging issues facing the world today.
  • Making changes to what we can control and working collaboratively with our partners to help achieve our challenging ambition and adhere to a carbon budget.
  • Encouraging as many people as possible to join our Climate Coalition and become ambassadors for the Leeds City Region’s net zero carbon ambition, championing best practice and new technologies / approaches to transform our economy.

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