Delivering 21st Century Transport

Creating efficient transport infrastructure to connect our communities, making it easier to get to work, do business and connect with each other.

Creating efficient transport infrastructure to connect our communities, making it easier to get to work, do business and connect with each other.


Why we have prioritised this

Our transport network is under increasing pressure. Our diverse geography presents challenges in balancing transport priorities and funding.

Investment has not kept pace with economic and population growth, resulting in congestion on roads and overcrowding on public transport. Private vehicles still make up a significant proportion of journeys in the region, contributing to serious public health and environmental challenges.

Efficient transport infrastructure connects our communities, making it easier to get to work, do business and connect with each other.

How we will achieve this

To deliver 21st century transport, in 2020/21 the Combined Authority will:  

  • Increase bus patronage and satisfaction through the West Yorkshire Bus Alliance.
  • Transform passenger information and modernise travel centres.Increase bus use amongst under 25s at no increased cost.
  • Manage over 1million MCard sales and launce a mobile app.
  • Continue to work on future bus options and alternative governance models.
  • Develop a strategic business case for urban transit proposals.
  • Establish a rail strategy, preparing for HS2 and Northern Powerhouse Rail.Deliver schemes in WY+ Transport Fund, LTP and Leeds Public Transport Investment Programme and delivery of Transforming Cities Fund.

Policies and strategies  

The policies and strategies we have in place that will play a leading role in delivering 21st century transport are:  

  • West Yorkshire Transport Strategy 2040
  • Leeds City Region High Speed 2 Growth and Connectivity Strategies
  • West Yorkshire Bus Strategy 2040
  • Rail Strategy
  • Walking and Cycling Strategy
  • Freight Strategy

How we’re delivering on this priority

Some of the projects and programmes we’re undertaking with partners to deliver 21st century transport include:

  • West Yorkshire-plus Transport Fund: The Fund is targeted at enabling key development areas and will help to create about 20,000 new jobs over the next 10 years. A number of strategic transport projects will be delivered to facilitate growth identified in the SEP.
  • Transforming Cities Fund: The West Yorkshire Combined Authority has submitted an ambitious final bid to the Government’s Transforming Cities Fund. The Bid focuses on measure that benefit as many communities across the region as possible, removing the barrier of accessing an affordable and sustainable transport network for our most disadvantaged communities.
  • West Yorkshire Bus Alliance: The West Yorkshire Bus Alliance aims is to put customers at the heart of improving services, keeping buses moving and developing a sustainable bus network.

Monitoring and impact

We will monitor progress towards meeting this priority against the following headline indicators:

  • Access inequality ratio (employment): Ratio of jobs that can be accessed within 30 minutes by bus compared with those accessible by car from the 10% most deprived neighbourhoods in West Yorkshire
  • West Yorkshire mode share: Average number of trips / distance travelled by mode by WY residents, based on NTS trip rates
  • Reported road causalities: Total killed or seriously injured causalities in the West Yorkshire area
  • Public satisfaction with bus and rail services in the region: Satisfaction scores for local bus and rail services as per the West Yorkshire Public Perceptions of Transport Survey
  • MCard ticket transactions (bus): Annual number of bus trips made using MCard products
  • Satisfaction with highway infrastructure: Average weighted satisfaction score (by importance) of infrastructure maintenance items, such as condition of roads and quality of street lighting.