A modern, integrated, and innovative bus system, which puts customers first.


A modern, integrated, and innovative bus system which puts customers first.

What success will look like

  • A bus network that puts customers first
  • Improved connectivity to areas of economic opportunity
  • Significantly reduced local emissions
  • Improved access to health services, education, employment, leisure and retail destinations for our communities


  • Biggest mover of people by public transport in West Yorkshire
  • Provides connectivity across the region
  • Operators are working with the Combined Authority through an established Bus Alliance
  • Increasing low carbon fleets in West Yorkshire –over half of the buses are Euro VI or better


  • Declining patronage
  • Reduction in miles operated commercially by the bus operators
  • Increasing operational conditions due to highway congestion

Policies and strategies

Who’s helping make this happen

  • The bus operators of West Yorkshire through the West Yorkshire Bus Alliance
  • Local Authority partners