Lives transformed by digital tech.


Lives transformed by digital tech.

What success will look like

  • Digital opportunities for non-digital businesses
  • Digital skills and inclusion for all
  • A thriving digital sector
  • World class digital infrastructure
  • Tech for good


  • Strong, fast growing digital sector
  • Specific strengths in AI, data, healthtech and cyber


  • Long tail of businesses not engaged with digital tech/ Industry 4.0
  • Digital skills challenges across the population from basic through to general workforce and advanced skills

Policies and strategies

Who’s helping make this happen

  • Digital Board
  • DCMS
  • BIG Panel
  • IG Panel
  • GEP Panel
  • Local Authority partners

How this will meet our priorities

Boosting productivity:

  • Done right, increased adoption (and exploitation) of digital tech across our business base will have a significant impact on productivity levels across West Yorkshire.

Tackling the climate emergency:

  • Digital has a role to play in tackling the climate emergency by allowing things to be done cleaner and greener – such as working from home rather than commuting, cutting down on business travel, innovations to clean up/reduce emissions.

Enabling inclusive growth:

  • Digital has a critical role to play in supporting inclusive growth by ensuring everyone has the skills, means and opportunity to participate in the digital economy and reap the myriad of benefits that brings.

Delivering 21st century transport:

  • Smart transport systems and autonomous vehicles are two ways in which our digital tech aspirations can support 21st century transport aspirations.

Page last updated: 26/08/20