Helping homes and businesses to save energy and money

We’re all feeling the pinch as the cost of living crisis continues but simple steps can save money, cut emissions and improve sustainability.

  1. For businesses

    We have a number of schemes to help support businesses in our region offering both short and long-term solutions with advice, grants and match-funding. 

    We also offer businesses help to get more of their workers out of their cars and commuting by bike, on foot, or using public transport.

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  2. For households

    We’re helping to improve insulation, lighting and heating in more than 5,000 homes. 

    A new scheme will soon be launched to help even more people to access support to make their homes warmer, less draughty and cheaper to run.

    More about support for households

Invest in a net zero West Yorkshire

We’ve launched a new innovative new online platform to attract green investment and help boost the region’s progress in tackling the climate emergency.

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