Energy Price Emergency Grants

We’re helping businesses in West Yorkshire with an emergency scheme to help with rising energy costs.

£1 million fund which will help businesses towards their energy bills

Businesses in our region are being hit hard by the rise in energy costs and we want to do what we can to provide immediate help, whilst also working with you to improve your energy efficiency in the longer term.

The energy price emergency grant scheme is a £1 million fund which will help businesses across a wide range of sectors this winter. Offering 50% funding up to £5000, it will provide practical support such as help to buy a more efficient boiler or install new low-energy lighting.

This grant is part of the Mayor of West Yorkshire’s package of support to help communities and businesses this winter and will be delivered by the West Yorkshire Combined Authority in partnership with UMi Commercial.

Applications now open

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Contact information

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Phone number - 0330 124 2068

Eligibility Criteria

  • West Yorkshire SMEs with 50 or fewer employees. 
  • Sector agnostic – open to all businesses meeting other eligibility regardless of sector. Sector data will be collected for monitoring purposes. 
  • Types of business – eligibility includes sole traders, partnerships, private limited companies, registered social enterprises (e.g. CICs), and registered charities. Franchises that are part of a wider franchise network are ineligible for support. 
  • Must operate from business premises (i.e. not homeworker businesses), have a business energy utility account and be responsible for paying bills. The business must also be responsible for maintenance and improvement or have permission form the landlord to undertake improvements. 
  • Landlords of multiple occupancy buildings will be supported where the benefit of reduced energy costs is passed to the tenants, or the landlord is absorbing the increased energy costs. 
  • Eligible project interventions will be clearly defined and include heating, lighting, insulation (including roller shutter doors), solar PV, compressors, refrigeration. The fund is to replace existing, working but inefficient fixtures, fittings, plant or machinery. It cannot support new investment where this is not a replacement for existing items.. 
  • Applicants need to demonstrate an estimated energy saving of either gas, electricity or heating oil in kWh. This should be either supplier supplied estimates or based on industry standard assumptions (the fund can help with these). Projects unable to identify savings will not be funded. 
  • Businesses will need to be able to demonstrate annual consumption based on historical data (using utility bills) or projected energy use. 
  • Applicants are not eligible to apply for funding for a project which has already been approved through the Resource Efficient Business (REBiz) programme. 
  • Payment of grant will be retrospective on completion of the project, and work commenced before an application is approved will be ineligible.