Our vision for the future of transport in West Yorkshire



Our vision for transport goes beyond getting people from A to B. It’s about getting all of us – our people, our communities, our businesses – to where we want to be as a region. 

We believe that every trip matters. Getting to school, college or nursery; commuting to work or connecting with friends; shopping, exploring or simply being active. From your doorstep, the world should open up. You should be able to take your pick from walking routes and cycleways to high speed connections that can take you as far as you want to go. 

We want this to be a green revolution, with more green spaces and beautiful places placed well within the reach of every household in West Yorkshire. Our ambitious plans are shaped around a clean and connected region, one that puts walking and cycling at the heart of our everyday journeys. We want to make better transport choices inclusive and accessible to everyone, and use everyday journeys as a way to give people more chances in life, to make our region a fairer place to be.  

A new mass transit system for West Yorkshire will be a key element, linking communities with a quick and reliable service and integrated with cycling, walking, bus and rail. This will represent a bold investment; a transformational transport system that will benefit many generations to come.

As the next stage in our plans we are sharing our Connectivity Plan and Mass Transit Vision. You can comment on them here [YourVoice link when engagement live]