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Documents relating to the public consultation, Integrated Sustainability Appraisal and Leeds City Region Metro Study supporting the creation of the West Yorkshire Transport Strategy.

West Yorkshire Combined Authority has developed a long-term Transport Strategy for West Yorkshire to deliver a modern, high class, integrated transport system that supports the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership’s Strategic Economic Plan for sustained, healthy and inclusive economic growth.

The West Yorkshire Transport Strategy was adopted by the Combined Authority at its meeting on 3 August 2017 following public consultation in 2016. You can download the Final Transport Strategy document (pdf - opens in new tab).

The Transport Strategy replaces the West Yorkshire Local Transport Plan adopted in 2011. It sets out a step-change in the quality and performance of the transport system within West Yorkshire and our connections with the rest of the UK.

By investing in radically improved transport infrastructure and services, we believe we can deliver the transport connections that businesses and people require and create attractive places in which to invest, work and live.

Integrated Sustainability Appraisal (ISA)

We undertook an Integrated Sustainability Appraisal (ISA) of the Transport Strategy. The Transport Strategy, in setting the framework for future transport interventions, is subject to the requirements of the EU Directive (2001/42/EC), which requires the undertaking of a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA). We decided to incorporate this requirement within a broader appraisal that also includes other assessments such as habitats, equalities and health impacts.

The aim of an ISA is to promote sustainable development through the better integration of economic, social and environmental considerations into the preparation and adoption of plans. An ISA shows how sustainable the effects of a policy, project or site are likely to be, highlights where there may be harmful impacts from development and suggests how far these can be mitigated.

An independent report of the ISA was produced.

The undertaking of an ISA provided independent review and challenge to our objectives and policies throughout the development of the Transport Strategy to help us arrive at the right balance of policies. The recommendations of the ISA have been incorporated into the Transport Strategy. The detailed ISA report can be found below:

ISA Report (pdf)

ISA Technical Appendices (pdf)

A post-adoption ISA statement of the Transport Strategy will be made available following its adoption.

Public consultation records

Transport Strategy summary (pdf)

Full Transport Strategy document Part 1 (pdf) - containing Introduction, Vision and Objectives, Travel Challenges, Opportunities and Places and Our Spatial Themes

Full Transport Strategy document Part 2 (pdf) - containing Our Policies, Funding the Strategy, Implementing the Strategy and Consultation

Transport Strategy Evidence Base (pdf)

Consultation to date:

A first period of consultation ran from 26 March – 22 September 2015 and focussed on a set of core themes for the strategy. These core themes were amended as a result of the consultation responses (see Strategy document above for more details).

The responses gained from the Phase 1 questionnaire were analysed and compiled into a report:

Phase 1 questionnaire report summary (pdf)

Phase 1 questionnaire full report (pdf)

A number of thematic workshops also took place and the feedback collated into a report:

Workshops feedback (pdf)

The second phase of consultation ran from 18 July - 21 October 2016. The responses to the consultation were independently analysed by AECOM and their analysis reports can be found below.

Transport Strategy AECOM Full Report

Transport Strategy Executive Summary

The conclusions from the AECOM report into the Transport Strategy consultation, as well as next steps went to the WYCA Transport Committee on 24 February 2017. A copy of the report regarding the West Yorkshire Transport Strategy and the next steps following the consultation can be found here:

Transport Strategy Transport Committee Report 24/02/2017

Leeds City Region Metro Study, 2016:

During 2016, WYCA undertook work to establish and develop a region tier of transport services to create the ‘metro-style’ network that complements the national and pan-northern agenda. This work, known as the “Leeds City Region Metro Connectivity Study” was undertaken by consultants WSP/SDG.

Leeds City Region Metro final report (pdf, opens in new tab)

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