AccessBuses go green

West Yorkshire Combined Authority has been awarded �422k by the Department for Transport (DfT) to reduce emissions on its Access Buses.

A successful West Yorkshire Combined Authority bid to the Department for Transport (DfT) has resulted in �422k funding to reduce emissions on its Access Buses.

Clean engine technology will be installed on 26 Access Buses thanks to a successful Combined Authority bid to the Department for Transport�s (DfT) Clean Bus Technology Fund (CBTF). Access Bus provides door-to-door local transport aimed at people with limited mobility who are unable to use conventional bus services.

West Yorkshire Combined Authority has made budget provision to match the DfT funding to make a total spend of �895,000 and will carry out the work as part of a mid-life vehicle upgrade programme which will also include refurbished interiors. The vehicles will also be re-liveried to recognise their new green credentials made possible by the �422,000 grant.

Low Emission Strategy

Cllr Keith Wakefield, West Yorkshire Combined Authority Transport Committee Chair, said: "Recognising the crucial role transport can play in improving people's health West Yorkshire Combined Authority has already fitted its entire fleet of 165 yellow school buses with clean bus technology and is working with partners to develop a Low Emission Strategy to benefit people in those West Yorkshire areas experiencing poor air quality.

�This successful bid to make 26 of our AccessBuses greener will build upon that work and will also increase the return on our investment in the vehicles by extending their working life by five years."

The conversion work will involve fitting the 26 vehicles with Selective Catalytic Reduction Technology (SCRT) to reduce NOx and PM emissions.


West Yorkshire Combined Authority�s Access Bus services are used by around 5,000 people across West Yorkshire who are unable to use conventional bus services. Access Bus vehicles are all low-floor, easy-access minibuses fitted with the most up-to-date safety equipment.

Services operate every day between 9am and 5pm and are aimed at providing journeys to local shops and facilities. Passengers register and book through a telephone booking service. A flat fare of �3 per journey applies to travel on AccessBus. Passengers with English National Concessionary Fare passes travel free of charge.

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�Announcing almost �2m of Clean Bus Technology Fund awards for Yorkshire, Transport Minister Andrew Jones said: �Greener buses mean a cleaner town and city centres for Yorkshire and a healthier environment for everyone. By targeting pollution hotspots and backing the low-emission technology of the future, we are making the right long-term decisions to improve people�s lives.�

Clean bus technology

West Yorkshire Combined Authority is using a range of transport measures to combat poor air quality as well as support local economic growth and job creation. Clean bus technology, cycling and walking schemes, ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEVs), 20mph zones and the planned NGT trolleybus network in Leeds are among the initiatives being employed. And a West Yorkshire Low Emission Strategy is being developed to deliver health benefits.

Other measures to reduce the impact of transport on air quality have included the 'greening' of the West Yorkshire Combined Authority's entire My Bus fleet. All 165 of the yellow school buses have been fitted with clean bus technology creating the largest, greenest fleet of school buses in the UK after a successful, �1m bid for Department for Transport (DfT) Clean Bus Technology funding.

West Yorkshire Combined Authority has also submitted two bids for almost �14.5m to the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) �500m fund for Ultra Low Emission Vehicle Funding (ULEV).