Businesses encourage employees to keep cycling this winter

24 December 2018

West Yorkshire's businesses are taking advantage of funding via CityConnect's Bike Friendly Business scheme to help keep their employees cycling during winter.

Evidence shows that commuting on a bike reduces stress and makes people more alert for the day ahead but there can be a decline in the number of individuals cycling to work during the colder months.

By offering facilities such as showers, changing areas and drying facilities businesses can significantly prevent the drop off of active travellers during the less clement months.

So far, 15 businesses have successfully applied for grant funding through CityConnect to install free-standing drying cabinets. Providing self-condensing or ventilated drying facilities, these can quickly and efficiently dry damp clothes, meaning people are warm and comfy for that ride back home in the evening.

Find out more about the The Bike Friendly Business scheme, which is open to organisations across West Yorkshire

Cllr Kim Groves, Chair of the West Yorkshire Combined Authority Transport Committee, said: "It's great to see organisations are continuing to take advantage of the Bike Friendly Business scheme, using the support and funding on offer to encourage employees to continue to cycle all year round."

"Being able to use changing and drying facilities can play a crucial role when it comes to people decision whether or not to cycle to work, particularly across the colder months. I'm looking forward to seeing more organisations taking part in this scheme across the region."