Castleford Bus Station takes Silver at national awards

Castleford Bus Station takes Silver at national awards

Castleford Bus Station, which opened in February, has won �Silver� in the �Local Authority Bus Project of the Year� category at this year�s UK Bus Awards.

Cllr Peter Box, Chair of West Yorkshire Combined Authority and Leader of Wakefield Council said: �I�m delighted that Castleford Bus Station has won this prestigious national award.

�I�m a Castleford resident and have received some very positive feedback about the new bus station, which is a great example of what can be achieved by district councils, in this case my own Wakefield Council, and the West Yorkshire Combined Authority working together.

�I know everyone is immensely proud of the new bus station which has given Castleford a great lift�.

West Yorkshire Combined Authority Transport Committee Chair, Cllr Keith Wakefield said: �Castleford�s new bus station is more than just a bus station, it�s also an integral community hub and gateway which is helping to lift the council�s regeneration ambitions and has a key role in the regeneration of the town centre.

The new bus station has brought Castleford into line with the Combined Authority�s other modern bus stations across West Yorkshire, research has shown that it has led to a significant increase in customer satisfaction particularly in relation to cleanliness, safety, appearance and facilities.�

After a year-long project, which involved demolishing the town�s old bus station and constructing the new one on the site, the new Castleford Bus Station opened on Sunday 22 February.

Castleford and Pontefract Bus Stations Manager Liam Needham said: �Castleford has a great bus station and winning this national award is recognition of what has been achieved as a result of great teamwork�

The �6m facility was developed by West Yorkshire Combined Authority and Wakefield Council to support the regeneration and growth of Castleford and the Five Towns area.

The new Bus Station provides the 12,000 people who use it every day with a more comfortable waiting environment, better information and improved facilities. In addition to a covered waiting concourse, the new bus station features 24-hour monitored CCTV coverage, electronic departure information, toilets and baby changing facilities, passenger help points.