Cllr Blake responds to 'shocking' cost of rail chaos to North

30 July 2018

Responding to the Northern Powerhouse Partnership report on the recent rail disruption, Cllr Judith Blake, Leader of Leeds City Council and who is leading the review with Rail Minister Jo Johnson, said:

"The shocking revelation that the chaos surrounding the May introduction of new rail timetables has cost rail users in the North more than a million hours, and the North's economy £38 million, will be part of the growing body of evidence being collated for my joint review with Mr Johnson.

"Although the Review we are carrying out is in its early stages, it is becoming increasingly clear that our recommendations will have to address the need to strengthen the democratic and passenger voice in the regulation of rail services in the North of England through a reformed Transport for the North.

"Today we are seeing a partial reintroduction of the services promised in May, which means passengers across the North will continue to experience delays and overcrowding.

"For the good of the northern economy, the Government needs to give us the tools for the job so that we can prevent these catastrophic events from being allowed to happen again."

Link to the Northern Powerhouse Partnerhsip report