Essential resurfacing work starts at Leeds Bus Station

vital RESURFACING work starts at Leeds Bus Station

Carriageway resurfacing work starts at Leeds Bus Station, Monday 16 May.

As the Bus Station approaches the 20th�anniversary of its major redevelopment the bus carriageway, which has seen over 7 million buses use it in that time, needs replacing. The work will require the closure of stands so to minimise disruption to passengers, local businesses and bus operators, will be carried out in phases.

Up to six stands will be closed during each phase with bus services relocated to alternative stands within the bus station. Phase 1 starts on Monday 16 May and will last for approximately four weeks. During this time, Stands 1 to 6 will be closed and bus services using these stands will move as follows:

Stand 1 - MegaBus

will use temporary stop at Stand F4 on York Street

Stands - 2, 3, 4, 5

alighting stands only, services will use stands 11 and 16

Stand 6 - Services 189, 410

will use stand 15*

*Service 757 will use National Express Coach Station stand 7 instead of Stand 15 throughout the resurfacing project.

Throughout the resurfacing work, forecast to take until October, the Metro Travel Centre will remain open and businesses in the bus station will be open and accessible as usual. Extra staff will be on hand to direct bus passengers and provide further travel information.

Information about the changes will also be available on screens and posters throughout the bus station and at West Yorkshire Combined Authority will also be using its @MetroTravelNews�Twitter feed and its West Yorkshire Metro�page on Facebook to remind passengers of the changes.

West Yorkshire Combined Authority's Assistant Director of Customer Services Diane Groom said:

"Leeds Bus Station is one West Yorkshire's busiest used by around 30,000 people and served by over 1,200 buses per day so as it approaches its 20th�anniversary, it is ready for resurfacing. This and other planned improvements will also complement the regeneration work being carried out on the Victoria Gate Development next to the Bus Station.

"Ultimately this project is about providing passengers with smoother, more comfortable journeys and by phasing the work, we hope to make the process itself as smooth as possible for our customers with the minimum of disruption."