Latest progress on Combined Authority modernisation programme

Latest progress on Combined Authority modernisation programme

You may have noticed that we have a new look and feel on our website, including a new logo.

This is part of a modernisation process that we have been undergoing over a period of around 18 months to ensure our organisation is in the best possible place to oversee the �2 billion of taxpayer investment for which we are responsible, as well as champion the region�s interests nationally and internationally.

As the organisation responsible for growing our economy faster and for the benefit of all, we want to make sure we reflect the dynamism of our region�s businesses, its communities and of course its people. Having a single identity for Combined Authority employees will help ensure our staff are united by a clear sense of purpose, working to a common set of values focused on results, accountability and justifiable pride in what we do.�

The new approach to communicating that we�re developing will build on the progress we�ve already made around improving transparency by making it easier for you to find information about how our work is making a difference and how we work with other partners, such as local councils and the LEP.

Over the next few months, we will be making gradual improvements to our website, strengthening relationships with our partners so that we can serve the region�s interests more effectively together, and creating more opportunities for people in the region to have a say about the work we do.

Streamlining our activities under a much reduced number of brands will also save money. Our focus on value for money means that we will be making changes to our websites, publications and other materials gradually rather than sweeping changes overnight � so you may continue to see our old logo on materials such as bus timetables for a little while.

There is of course only so much that can be achieved through a logo, but we see it as an important symbol of how our organisation is changing to meet the challenges and opportunities our region faces. We hope you agree and look forward to keeping you updated on further changes over the coming weeks and months.