QR codes and NFC tags

QR codes and NFC tags introduced at bus stops in West Yorkshire for improved access to live, real-time bus information

West Yorkshire Combined Authority is adding QR codes (Quick Response) and NFC (Near Field Communication) tags to 13,000 bus stop timetable displays across West Yorkshire. They will be located at the bottom, left-hand corner of the timetable case and when scanned or tagged, will direct users to a web page on their smartphone showing real-time information for that stop.

How it works

QR codes
If you have a smartphone with a camera you can download a free app to read QR codes from mobile stores such as iTunes, Google Play and Windows Store. Once you�ve installed the app you just need to use your phone camera to �scan� the QR code, and it will take you directly to a web page showing your next bus departures for that stop.

NFC tags
If you have a phone with NFC technology, simply enable the NFC feature in your phone settings and �scan� your phone over the NFC symbol on the bus stop timetable. A web page will open, giving you live, real-time information for that bus stop.

Watch the video

See how easy it is to access real-time information using QR codes and NFC tags by watching our short video clip.