Survey into electric car switch

Combined Authority launches survey to discover what would encourage drivers to switch to electric vehicles.

West Yorkshire Combined Authority (WYCA) is planning to bid for a share of the government�s �Go Ultra Low� scheme to help increase the take-up of ultra-low emission vehicles.Go Ultra Low logo

�Go Ultra Low� is a �35m fund that aims to increase significantly the number of electric cars and vans that can save drivers over 80% on fuel bills and at the same time, improve local air quality.

WYCA is bidding for West Yorkshire to become an exemplar area, showcasing new technology and initiatives that will kick-start a mass take-up of electric vehicles on the county�s roads.Go Ultra Low cars

Take our survey

As part of our bid, we�ve created a short survey to help find out about your car ownership, driving habits, whether you�re considering purchasing an electric vehicle in the near future and what incentives would increase your likelihood of a future purchase.�

We�d really appreciate your help by completing our�short survey�that should take no more than five minutes�(opens in new window).�The survey closes on Friday 18 September.

Find out more�

You can find any of the 50 public charging points across West Yorkshire and the rest of the UK here (opens in new window). More information about the types of cars and vans available, government grants to support vehicle purchase and charging infrastructure plus information about the types of charging points can be found at the Go Ultra Low website (opens in new window).