Transport consultations continue as school run returns

As its three-month YourTravelYourSay transport consultations enters its fifth week, the Combined Authority is seeking responses from motorists and businesses.

Week eight of the YourTravelYourSay consultations on the future of bus services and the West Yorkshire transport system coincides with the new school year getting underway.

After six weeks of quieter and quicker journeys, commuters are likely to be noticing a build-up of traffic as the school run returns to West Yorkshire�s roads. West Yorkshire Combined Authority�s and its partners� YourTravelYourSay consultations are aimed at improving the county�s bus services and wider transport network and one of the aims is to make commuter journeys smoother all year round.

Week 8 drop-in events:

Monday 5 September - Elland Morrisons, 10.30am-1.30pm
Monday 5 September - Airedale General Hospital, 2pm-5pm
Tuesday 6 September - Batley Tesco, 11.30am-2.30pm
Thursday 8 September - Wakefield Westgate Railway Station, 7.30am-10.30am
Friday 9 September - John Rylie Community Centre (Barwick in Elmet), 11am-2pm
Friday 9 September - Morrisons Mayo Avenue (Bradford) , 11am-2pm
Saturday 10 September - White Rose Shopping Centre , 10am-1pm
Saturday 10 September - Junction 32 Castleford, 2pm-5pm.

Find out more about YourTravelYourSay and take part in the consultation.�

West Yorkshire Combined Authority Transport Chair Cllr Keith Wakefield said: �While our innovative MyBus scheme has been shown to reduce the number of school run journeys and relieve school gate congestion, road users will still notice a significant number of additional vehicles on the road at peak times as the new term starts.

�Extra traffic means more congestion, which in turn represents a cost to local business and the economy. We are holding the three-month YourTravelYourSay consultation as part of our work to develop new, 20-year Strategies for bus services and the transport network. We want to overcome congestion and the causes of congestion and support our aims of economic growth and job creation.

�Transport affects us all, as parents and guardians, as employees and employers, and as educators and students so I hope everyone will take the time to visit or come to one of our drop in events and let us have their views and ideas.�

The Combined Authority coordinates public transport to and from school for 40,000 West Yorkshire pupils. Its fleet of yellow Mybus vehicles provides dedicated home-to-school transport for over 9,000 pupils at 133 of the county�s schools. Mybuses have the same DBS-checked driver each day so pupils and parents get to know and trust them. Drivers also know their passengers� routines and any special needs they may have.

On primary school services, pupils are checked on and off with a register and if a child does not show up to be collected, or if the expected person is not there to meet them on the journey home, the driver informs a Hotline, which contacts the parents. No child is dropped off alone if they should be met.

This �closed system has meant parents having the confidence to letting children as young as four, travel to and from school unaccompanied by MyBus.

Find out more about MyBus and West Yorkshire Combined Authority's Education Transport services (opens in new window).

Big Conversation on Transport in Leeds

Leeds City Council is also encouraging everyone in the city to �join in the conversation� on the future of transport in Leeds by taking part in an online survey to find out how people currently use the transport network in Leeds, what they think of it and what the priorities should be in terms of future investment .

The �conversation� began following the government�s decision to turn down the proposed New Generation Transport (NGT) scheme for Leeds in May, but with �173.5 million of funding for the scheme being retained to invest in transport in the city.

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