Travel made even easier for young people in West Yorkshire by Bus18 initiative

Travel made even easier for young people in West Yorkshire by Bus18 initiative

All-day, �2.60 West Yorkshire bus ticket for under 19s on the way this summer and county�s under 16s will no longer need photocards from September.

This summer, West Yorkshire�s under 19s will be able to travel on all buses across the county using a new, money-saving ticket with a special introductory price of just �2.60.

Previously, cheaper fares were only available to under 16s on presentation of a photocard issued by the Combined Authority. From this summer, under 16s will not have to prove their age unless they look older. Young people looking older than 16 are still advised to obtain a photocard to ensure they can travel at the reduced fare.

These improvements are part of work being undertaken by Bus18, a partnership made up of the three major bus companies, First West Yorkshire, Arriva Yorkshire and Transdev Blazefield, West Yorkshire Combined Authority and the Association of Bus Operators in West Yorkshire.

One of Bus18�s main objectives is to make bus travel accessible to all young people across the region by making catching the bus a truly affordable and attractive option for them. This has include the introduction, in January, of automatically allowing half-fare travel for all young people wearing their school uniform.

Bus18 will also be calling on young people from across the county to help brand their new discounted ticket. Focus groups are planned to take place next month.

Cllr Eric Firth, West Yorkshire Combined Authority Transport Deputy Chair said: �I�m pleased to see these new measures for young people building upon the Combined Authority�s move to extend half fare travel to the West Yorkshire�s 20,000-plus 16 to 18 year-olds.

"Buses are a vital part of our aims to connect young people with education, training, apprenticeships and local employment opportunities as well as underpinning our objectives of inclusive economic growth from which everyone can benefit.�

Alex Hornby, CEO for Transdev Blazefield said: �Some of the improvements have simply involved delivering a joined up and common sense approach.

�We�ve recently changed the rules for those students living just outside the boundary too. If they find themselves catching the bus from home to a place of study in West Yorkshire they can now access all the same benefits as someone living and studying fully in the county.�

Paul Matthews, Managing Director for First West Yorkshire went on to explain: "All partners are really encouraged with the progress Bus18 is making and as Alex mentions, we�re not just working together delivering the big bus investments, we�re making changes in lots of areas that will make it easier for all our customers. But one of our core aims has always been to make bus travel more accessible to the young and this new initiative is key to that goal"

Jon Croxford, Area Managing Director for Arriva Yorkshire, added: �Young people have been key to our plans at Bus18 and we�re all really excited to have some firm delivery dates. The go anywhere day ticket is going to make a real difference to how under 19s can get out and about in our region, and we�re proud to be delivering that.�

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