Two million scans for our live West Yorkshire bus times

3 December 2018

West Yorkshire's bus passengers have now scanned QR Codes and NFC Tags at West Yorkshire bus stops 2,000,000 times to access real time information about when their bus will arrive. The two-millionth scan was made during the afternoon of Saturday 1 December.

QR (Quick Response) codes and NFC (Near Field Communication) tags were fitted to all the county's 14,500 bus stops and shelters by the West Yorkshire Combined Authority. Located on the bottom left of timetable displays, when scanned by smart phone they take customers to the exclusive web page showing when their next bus is due at that particular stop.

To use the quick scan services, people with smartphones need to download a QR Code reader app from app stores such as iTunes, Google Play and Windows Store.

Cllr Kim Groves Chair of the West Yorkshire Combined Authority Transport Committee said: "Our aim is to make public transport more attractive and easier to use and with 2,000,000 scans now made, QR Codes and NFC Tags are making a significant contribution to achieving this."

"These and other measure to make bus travel more convenient and more affordable, including West Yorkshire's money-saving Mcard travel smartcards, encourage more people to catch the bus and that helps reduce congestion and its negative effect on our economy and the quality of our air."

People can also find live, real-time yournextbus bus information for all West Yorkshire stops

The most-scanned stops in West Yorkshire's five districts for 2017/2018 were:

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