West Yorkshire Combined Authority on the 'devolution deadlock'

West Yorkshire Combined Authority on the 'devolution deadlock'

11 January 2018

Monday 4 September marked two years to the day since Government's deadline for local areas to submit devolution deals. But despite six Metro Mayors being elected this summer, deals across the country - including one for Yorkshire - have stalled."

The Local Government Association has expressed concern that the devolution progress has 'stalled' with no new deals announced for 18 months, despite many areas being keen to press forward with negotiations. It says "opportunities for billions of pounds worth of economic growth and hundreds of thousands of jobs and homes are being put at risk."

Responding, Combined Authority Chair Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe, said: "We agree with the Local Government Association and share the deep frustrations of local residents and business leaders who want a meaningful devolution deal to benefit Yorkshire, the Northern Powerhouse and the rest of the country."

"Boosting businesses and improving the lives of the most disadvantaged in our communities through real, inclusive growth can only be done with decisions made locally through devolution rather than by officials hundreds of miles away in Westminster.

"That's why in Yorkshire we've come together to fight the devolution deadlock, meeting for the second time last week to discuss an ambitious One Yorkshire devolution deal.

"We are now seeking an urgent meeting with Ministers to discuss how best we can work as partners to progress this deal and ensure Yorkshire is no longer allowed to be left behind.

"We want devolution by 2018 and we are confident that given the right deal and the right funding, Yorkshire can finally complete the missing piece in the Northern Powerhouse project."