West Yorkshire Leaders to seek meeting with South Yorkshire colleagues after judge raises devolution deal concerns.

West Yorkshire Leaders to seek meeting with Souyth Yorkshire colleagues after devolution deal concerns

After a judge raised concerns over Sheffield City Region�s devolution deal covering South Yorkshire, Chesterfield and Bassetlaw, following a challenge by Derbyshire County Council, Leeds City Council Leader Cllr Judith Blake said yesterday:

�This judgement potentially means a further setback to securing devolved powers and funding for the Sheffield City Region and further complicates the picture for Yorkshire and other places where there are cross-boundary issues.

�Devolution is about economic growth, which here in Yorkshire we are agreed means achieving inclusive growth that benefits everyone, regardless which side of an administrative boundary they may live or work.

�As a consequence, and to progress our shared ambitions, West Yorkshire leaders will be seeking meetings with Leaders in South Yorkshire and across our region to explore the range of options for the best way forward."


West Yorkshire Combined Authority Chair Cllr Peter Box said: �We will examine the judgement and its effect on subsequent decisions that the Secretary of State will be making. These decisions will undoubtedly have an impact on devolution options across Yorkshire and we will study them closely as they are made in the New Year.�

Commenting on yesterday�s judgement, Sheffield City Region Combined Authority said that it confirmed its �extensive and wide-ranging consultation� would not be quashed. A spokesman said: �The judgement raised the need to carry out further consultation to address the proposed governance changes in Chesterfield. We will now take some time to consider the judgement and our next steps. We will make further public statements once we have had the opportunity to do this.�