Yorkshire Leaders submit One Yorkshire proposal

Yorkshire Leaders submit One Yorkshire proposal

Representatives of 18 of the 20 councils across Yorkshire agreed the following statement after meeting in Leeds today:

Leaders and representatives of 18 Yorkshire authorities today agreed to submit a detailed and concrete proposal to Government to deliver a One Yorkshire devolution deal.

The submission, which the authorities have been working on for several months, follows the request for such a proposal made by Housing, Communities and Local Government Secretary Sajid Javid, at the Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire APPG meeting last week. Leaders welcomed the opportunity, on behalf of the region, to present the agreed plans as offering the most ambitious approach to devolution, securing the maximum possible economic and social benefits for all their communities and the country.

Leaders also welcomed Mr Javid making clear that the Government would not stand in the way of any One Yorkshire proposal that had widespread support and agreed this detailed plan was exactly that. They look forward to taking the Secretary of State up on his offer of urgent meetings with himself and officials to take forward these concrete proposals.

The proposal document can be read in full here (opens in new page).