'Genie out of the bottle' on devolution says Combined Authority Chair

Speaking to the Yorkshire Post’s Business Editor Bernard Ginns, WYCA Chair Cllr Peter Box said whatever the outcome, the Scottish referendum had created a catalyst for a debate over devolution and the ‘genie was out of the bottle’.

Cllr Box said cities across England are drawing up wishlists for more powers and funding to present to the Government.

He said, “Despite all the globalisation, people are wanting to determine their own future far more than they ever did.

“It’s not just in this country, it’s all across the world. People are saying ‘we want our own identity recognised, we want greater control over our economic future’.”

Localised decision-making will, he continued, lead to better value for money in public spending and is more responsive to local needs than Whitehall.

At the same briefing, Leeds City Region Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) and WYCA member Roger Marsh told journalists that locally-run schemes to reduce the number of young people not in education, employment and training (NEETs) have been more successful than national schemes.

“If we are in charge of our own destiny we can get better results as a consequence,” he said. “That’s just a small but important example.”

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16 Sep 2014

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