Transport Chair says connectivity crucial to region’s economic growth which can boost UK economy.

Responding to a report by IPPR North, Cllr Keith Wakefield, West Yorkshire Combined Authority Transport Committee Chair said:

“Good transport links underpin a region’s economic prosperity, yet we have suffered from a legacy of underspending on Transport by successive Governments for decades. 

“The government has not responded to the needs of the Leeds City Region and is failing to rebalance the north-south divide where the disparity in future transport infrastructure spending between our region at £190pa per head and the South at £1,943pa is more than 10 times.  

Strongest Economy in North of England  

“We have the strongest economy in the North of England and yet successive governments have failed to recognise the importance of the Leeds City Region’s role in boosting the overall northern and UK economy.   

“Leeds City Region is critical to the North’s and the Nation’s success, as the largest city region outside London, the region’s economic growth is fundamental in rebalancing the economy. 

Better connectivity crucial

"Development of skills, investment in innovation, harnessing a culture of entrepreneurship and better connectivity are all crucial and the single most important action the government can take is to improve transport links across the Pennines including a High Speed line ahead of Crossrail 2.

“By honouring its commitment to invest in the long overdue Transpennine rail upgrade and electrification and beginning construction of HS3/NorthernPowerhouseRail the Government can help unlock massive economic gain which will benefit the North and the UK as a whole. 



21 Feb 2017

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