Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime Responds to Government Announcement on Reform for Victims

The Government has today (09/12) announced justice system reforms to support victims of crime. It includes plans for a new Victim’s Law and the publishing of a consultation.

Responding to the announcement, West Yorkshire’s Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime, Alison Lowe said:

“Anything that enhances the victim’s journey through the criminal justice process is of course welcome, however; it must be achieved in a more co-ordinated fashion.

“This means Government departments truly working together to include other sectors such as the health service and increasing funding for victim services to meet the associated pressures and demands.

“The COVID pandemic, for instance, has brought with it Court backlogs that have pushed the criminal justice system to its limits, with greater investment required at both a local and national level to remedy this.

“I hope this latest announcement will take us closer to a victim’s law that does not treat victims as mere bystanders in a process.

“I would urge victim groups and people who have been affected by crime to have their voices heard as part of this national consultation.”