Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime responds to new drug strategy

Responding to the Government’s announcement of a new 10 year strategy to tackle drugs in communities across England and Wales, Alison Lowe, Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime, said: “I cautiously welcome this new strategy and the additional focus and resources it should bring into tackling an issue that destroys tens of thousands of lives a year.

“The core elements of the strategy such as additional resources to stop county lines and the gangs behind the drug trade, but also treatment for those addicted are very welcome. Whilst the detail remains to be seen, I hope to see a proper funding commitment to further enhance local interventions for those people caught in a cycle of abuse and offending.

“Often the drivers behind drug use are complicated and treatment needs to be tailored and varied from medication to counselling, combined with support to address underlying triggers such as housing, mental ill-health, and relationship issues.

“Prevention and early intervention are absolutely crucial in tackling these issues and will be a cross cutting theme within the new Police and Crime Plan.

“A host of work is already ongoing in West Yorkshire with the link between addiction and offending long being understood. West Yorkshire Police and the county’s Violence Reduction Unit, alongside partners, are leading the way on a number of programmes to support people out of addiction and reduce associated offending such as the recent TV advertisement campaign highlighting county lines and the support available. More resources and awareness through the strategy are very welcome.”