West Yorkshire Violence Reduction Partnership - Latest

West Yorkshire Violence Reduction Partnership - Latest work

New Director Vows to Turn the Tide on Violent Crime

17th August 2023

Mayor Hails 'Pivotal Moment' on Serious Violence

17th July 2023

Education Research Breaking new ground

26th June 2023

New Notification on Social Media Harms

12th June 2023

Young People Take their Seat on Serious Violence

13th April 2023

Youth Commission Milestone

9th February 2023

Partnership solidarity in tackling violent crime

25th January 2023

‘Navigating’ young people away from violent crime

17th November 2022

Partnership progress in tackling violent crime

20th October 2022

Schools’ Debate on Youth Violence at Royal Armouries

23rd September 2022

Wakefield PCSOs in UK first for forensic tagging

16th August 2022

Co-production countering serious violence in Kirklees

31st May 2022

Can You Help Combat Serious Violent Crime Across West Yorkshire?

8th April 2022

Multi-year cash boost bolstering response to serious violent crime in West Yorkshire

1st April 2022

Renowned West Yorkshire playwright turning words into action against child criminal exploitation

18th March 2022

Young people at risk of serious violence to be supported through new funding opportunity

14th January 2022

New Exhibition Tackling the issue of violent crime ‘At the Sharp End’

10th January 2022

Smart-tag launches across West Yorkshire’s bars and clubs to increase nightlife safety

2nd December 2021

Kirklees Co-Production Combatting Serious Violence

30th November 2021

West Yorkshire partnership paving the way for trauma informed action

15th November 2021

Royal Armouries partners with Violence Reduction Unit for a new gallery display

15th November 2021

Violence Reduction Unit Launch Survey to Improve Safety for Young People

10th November 2021

Violence Reduction Unit Supporting Night-Life Safety

8th November 2021

Communities Take the Reins on Journey to Tackle Serious Violence

21st October 2021

Pioneering Initiative Improving Nightlife Safety Across West Yorkshire

15th October 2021

West Yorkshire youth making music the weapon against serious violent crime

3rd August 2021

Tackling serious violence through the power of sport

15th July 2021

Violence Reduction Unit shines the spotlight on education inclusion in West Yorkshire

12th July 2021

Top sporting names back project to tackle serious violent crime across West Yorkshire

15th March 2021

New Child Criminal Exploitation (CCE) Awareness Campaign Launches

1st March 2021

Kirklees Youth Confronting Violence Through 'Harmony'

15th February 2021

£3.3m earmarked to tackle serious violence in West Yorkshire

8th February 2021

Community to Play Key Role in Tackling Serious Violent Crime

25th January 2021

Continued Funding For Innovative Domestic Abuse Project

11th January 2021

Education Inclusion Focus of Groundbreaking Study to Tackle Violent Crime

08 December 2020

Research Project Tackling Serious Crime and Exploitation

30 November 2020

National recognition for Violence Reduction Unit projects

27 October 2020

West Yorkshire Violence Reduction Unit 'In Focus’

9 September 2020

Funding boost for grassroot response to serious violence

21 August 2020

Launch of West Yorkshire's Violence Reduction Unit Today in Leeds

5 March 2020

West Yorkshire's Violence Reduction Unit Hosts Workshop in Leeds

24 January 2020

Additional £35 million for Violence Reduction Units

29 December 2019

Millions Injected into the West Yorkshire Violence Reduction Unit

12 August 2019

Local and regional partners have come together to look at how to take action against serious violence in communities

8 July 2019

West Yorkshire Receives £3.3m for Violence Reduction Unit (VRU) Approaches to Help Tackle Violent Crime

18 June 2019


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