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The Climate Innovation District is a transformational project as part of a new neighbourhood in the Hunslet Riverside area of South Bank, bringing 142 Family Homes and Apartments, with Provision of 7 Affordable Housing units.

Project overview

The houses use the passive house approach - a super insulated, timber frame construction - to ensure efficient temperature regulation.

Building fabrics and materials are selected with regard to thermal performance and environmental impact to achieve a rich design with exceptional energy efficiency standard.

Digitally enabled homes allow owners to control their property’s energy consumption from their phone. Energy use will be tangible through innovative digital technologies to promote an environmentally conscious way of living.

The key ingredients:

  • 142 Family Homes and Apartments (54 x 4 bed houses; 42 x 1 bed apartments; 45 x 2 bed apartments)
  • Provision of 13 Affordable Housing units
  • Low Carbon (in construction and in use)
  • Minimal heating requirements
  • Built to Passivehaus standard approach
  • Utilisation of derelict Brownfield land
  • Owned by the community that live there
  • High quality public spaces
  • Design led spacious homes
  • 95% have south facing views of river
  • A new bridge has opened the site to the public and created an important link to city
  • Improvements on connection to Richmond Hill community
  • Homes controlled from your phone to save you money and energy
  • MUSCo (Multi Utility Service Company) owned by the residents with smart metering, community owned data infrastructure and bulk buying of renewable energy


Project details

Project Lead/Organisation Climate Innovation District Phase 1B Ltd
District/ Area Leeds, West Yorkshire
Funding £1,024,988
Project Status Activity 4: Full Business Case
Start and end dates December 2021 – February 2024
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