Business Sustainability Support

Business sustainability support aims to provide a simplified, consistent, and impartial source of support to West Yorkshire’s SMEs to plan for net zero and become climate ready.

Businesses are facing a significant number of challenges relating to the net zero agenda including:

  • The rapid rise in energy and fuel costs and general price instability
  • Lack of energy resilience
  • Pressure from major customers passing on net zero obligations
  • Impending and future legislation impacts
  • Consumer pressure on green issues, for example plastics and food miles
  • Competing priorities, especially as businesses recover from the impacts of Covid-19 and adjust to leaving the European Union.

Business sustainability support aims to provide simplified, consistent, and impartial support to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) within West Yorkshire. It will act as a catalyst to help them to plan for net zero and become climate ready, so they become more resilient to the effects of climate change. Support is designed to help SMEs measure their carbon impacts and climate readiness, plan improvements and act on these plans to reduce their environmental impact.

Project Lead West Yorkshire Combined Authority
District/ Area West Yorkshire
Business case summary Link here

Gainshare - £10.597m
SME match - £9.250m

Project Status Activity 6: Delivery
Start and end dates April 2023 - March 2026
Delivery partners None
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