Brighouse A6025 Reconstruction

Reconstruction of the A6025 Park Road, which was closed due to a landslip caused by flooding, and which prevented access to the proposed Elland Rail Station, housing sites, and restricted access to the town centre.

Project Scope

Repairs have been made to repair damage caused by a landslip in February 2020 on Park Road (A6025), which is a key highway link between Halifax, Elland and Brighouse, in Calderdale, and fully restore the road to its previous state and operation. The landslip of approximately 500m in length was caused by heavy rain and flooding from Storm Ciara forcing a full road closure to all through-traffic between Elland and Brighouse.

The reopening of this road will alleviate congestion and delays along other routes significantly reduce journey times for all road users, on the wider Calderdale transport network, as well as reinstating a bus route. It is expected to significantly reduce journey times by removing the need for existing users to divert through considerably longer, alternative routes as the A6025 Park Road cannot be accessed.  Access has also been restored to existing residential properties, civic services, amenity and leisure facilities, public open space and commercial properties located on Park Road.

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This scheme is expected to achieve the following outputs:

  • Unlock 0.5kms of highway currently closed to traffic re-connecting the key West Yorkshire region growth areas of Elland and Brighouse.
  • Reduce CO2 emissions by 55,788 tonnes over a 60-year period following the scheme’s opening.
  • Create 34 new construction jobs 

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