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The scheme will support 9,000 Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) across West Yorkshire over three years to improve productivity, increase resilience and achieve growth.

The West Yorkshire Combined Authority’s Strategic Economic Framework Investment Priority 1 is supported by the scheme which is designed to boost productivity by helping businesses grow and invest in the region and their workforce, driving economic growth, increasing innovation, and creating jobs.

The scheme will help to achieve the Mayoral Pledge to “support local businesses and be a champion for our regional economy”.
The programme is a central component of delivering Investment Priority 1 of the West Yorkshire Investment Strategy in relation to Good Jobs and Resilient Businesses and will add value to the delivery of economic recovery in West Yorkshire by supporting businesses to:

  • Create new jobs
  • Invest in growth and innovation through the adoption of new and proven technology
  • Promote good work as a positive way to improve productivity
  • Increase resilience
  • Make supply chains more resilient
  • Increase digital and innovation driven entrepreneurialism

Project overview

Project Lead West Yorkshire Combined Authority
District/ Area West Yorkshire
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Gainshare - £4.573m
Local Authority match - £0.725m

Project Status Activity 6: Delivery
Start and end dates April 2023- March 2026
Delivery partners West Yorkshire Local Authorities 
Other funders None
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