Residents Case Study

Case studies of residents who have benefitted

Steve and Lindsay Baumeister, Fountain Head Village

At first glance, the exclusive Fountain Head village in Halifax looks like the ideal setting to make a home. Steve and Lindsay Baumeister thought so too when they moved into the development, but their initial opinions began to change when they attempted to get online.

Lindsay told us: "Broadband is the fourth utility nowadays and in a new housing estate we would expect it to be a lot faster. I think we would have thought twice about buying the house if we’d known."

A slow broadband connection can be frustrating, especially when you're used to the benefits a fast connection provides. After Lindsay’s father moved to Bulgaria, she promised to play darts with him every Sunday over Skype. But with slow broadband, that became an impossibility.

The couple upgraded to superfast broadband shortly after they heard it was available in their area. Speaking about their new 60Mbps fibre broadband connection, Steve told us, "Before it was like having gas but just on one ring or a little camping stove; now we’re getting a six ring burner!"

Jenny and Stuart, Garforth, Leeds

Jenny and Stuart upgraded to superfast broadband after receiving a leaflet through their letter box telling them about the benefits.

Since having superfast installed the couple and their family have noticed a real difference.

Both Jenny and Stuart are able to work seamlessly from home as well as spend quality time with their children.
However it was a different story before they signed up to superfast broadband. Unable to work productively from home, and suffering from long periods of buffering and the internet dropping out, their previous internet connection very frustrating.

Jenny believes superfast broadband has changed their lives more than she thought it would: "Now we both work smarter and quicker and the kids have access to more entertainment and educational materials."

Since installing superfast broadband, the family have more time to spend with each other, and have a faster more reliable service which allows them to all be online at once, and keep in touch with friends and family near and abroad.

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