Project Gigabit

There are upcoming schemes that could help you or your business get connected.

Project Gigabit

On 19th March 2021 Building Digital UK (BDUK) announced the launch of Project Gigabit. This is a nationwide programme aiming to bring gigabit capable connections to more than a million hard to reach homes and businesses.

More info on this can be found here:

Project Gigabit - GOV.UK (


Gigabit Vouchers

Residents may be able to apply for Gigabit Vouchers to help gain the coverage they need. After the success of previous schemes, another national programme worth £210m was launched on 8th April 2021. This means that rural communities can benefit from funding assistance in areas where there are no commercial plans. Note that the available funding is capped and that the roll-out of Project Gigabit may impact eligibility.

More information can be found here - Gigabit Vouchers (


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