Business Growth Programme

This scheme will provide grants to businesses to support business recovery (including from the impact of COVID-19), business resilience and growth, job creation and increased productivity.

Project Scope

The Business Growth Programme has proved to be the LEP's most popular programme amongst eligible businesses in LCR in recent years. Support from the Getting Building Fund will ensure continuity of support to businesses in the City Region at a time of much economic uncertainty and will allow the programme to continue until 31 March 2022 to meet changing demand amongst the City Region's large and diverse business population.

Support is primarily available to small medium enterprises (SME’s), though large companies will be considered by exception. Jobs created/safeguarded must be maintained for at least three years within small and medium sized enterprises and at least five years within large businesses.  Overall, the programme will lead to productivity improvements and a net increase in the number of employees in recipient-businesses within the City Region.



This scheme is expected to achieve the following outputs by 31 March 2024:

  • Create 800 jobs
  • Safeguard 200 jobs
  • Assist 175 businesses


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