A660 Holt Lane

A junction improvement scheme at the intersection of Holt Lane and A660 Otley Road

The A660 stretches from Leeds City Centre to Burley-in-Wharfedale, via Bramhope and Otley. This project improves the junction at Holt Lane and the A660 Otley Road, in Adel. The project implemented new signalisation technology at the junction to enable bus priority, as well as three controlled pedestrian crossings, advanced stop lines for cyclists, and realignment of parts of the nearby footway and carriageway. A lay-by for buses has also been created at the existing Otley Road Holt Lane bus stop, to prevent buses collecting passengers causing delays to general traffic.

This project completed on site in October 2020 and improves bus journey times and reliability, as well as improving pedestrian facilities. The safety of the junction has been enhanced for all users. The project was delivered through the Leeds Public Transport Investment Programme.

Project Lead Leeds City Council  
District/ Area Leeds

Business Case Summary

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Funding  LPTIP - £1.15m

Project Status

Activity 7 - Project Closure

Start and end dates 2018- 2020
Delivery partners

BAM Nuttall and SISK

Get in touch/ contact information  connectingleeds@leeds.gov.uk

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