LPTIP Real Time Programme

The Real Time programme, funded by LPTIP, involves the procurement and installation of 1,000 screens to present Real Time bus information at stops and shelters in the Leeds District. This is part of the wider programme for improvements to public transport in Leeds.

The Leeds Public Transport Investment Programme (LPTIP) has allocated £7.2m of funding for the installation of new Real Time screens at stops, shelters and gateways throughout the City.

Phase one of the Real Time programme, allocated £1.64 million, and has seen the installation of 490 4 line LED displays along bus stop in Leeds with existing shelters and power supplies, and was completed in November 2019.

Phase two of the programme, allocated £5.56 million, will procure 510 battery powered and pole mounted Real Time screens, to be installed at bus stops in Leeds without power supply.

The new Real Time screens will enhance bus users experience by improving transport facilities, passenger information, and air quality, therefore increasing bus patronage and public transport mode share.


Project Lead

West Yorkshire Combined Authority


West Yorkshire

Business case summary 

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LPTIP - £7.2 million

Project Status

Phase 1: Activity 7: Close and Review

Phase 2: Activity 6: Delivery

Start and end dates

2018 - 2021

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LPTIP Real Time Projects

  1. LPTIP Real Time Phase 1

    This project has seen the installation of 490 4 line LED displays at existing bus shelters along the core network corridors in Leeds.

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  2. LPTIP Real Time Phase 2

    Phase 2 of the Real Time programme will procure and implement at least 500 battery powered Real Time display units at bus stops without both a shelter and existing power supply, improving accessibility and usability for bus transport across Leeds.

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