New Pudsey Rail Station Car Park Extension

As part of the Leeds Public Transport Investment Programme, an extension of the car park at New Pudsey rail station has been proposed. The additional spaces would increase the opportunity for park and ride and would enhance connectivity to, from and within West Yorkshire. As well as increasing car parking capacity, this proposal will deliver more localised benefits as a result of improved access to the rail network.

This scheme has been proposed by both the Combined Authority and Leeds City Council to support sustainable employment growth into a main urban centre. It will particularly benefit commuters, as well as supporting more travel into and between the urban centres by rail for other purposes.

District/ Area



The Project is funded via the Leeds Public Transport Investment Programme (£5 million), with a potential contribution from the West Yorkshire- plus Transport Fund, subject to approvals.

Project Status

Activity 3: Outline Business Case

Start and end dates

To be delivered by 2021

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