Local Transport Plan and Other DFT Funding

The different authorities in the Leeds City Region are working together to ensure that West Yorkshire’s transport system connects people and places in ways that support the economy, the environment and quality of life.

The objectives of the Plan are:

  • To improve connectivity to support economic activity and growth in West Yorkshire and the Leeds City Region
  • To make substantial progress towards a low carbon, sustainable transport system for West Yorkshire, while recognising transport's contribution to national carbon reduction plans
  • To enhance the quality of life of people living in, working in and visiting West Yorkshire


Local Transport Plan and Other DFT Funding Projects

  1. Smart Card Information Project Traveller Information

    The Multi–modal hubs and disruption (MMHD) project aims to facilitate customer journeys via easily accessible information, supporting customer choice by providing timely information regarding disruption information, and where possible providing alternative journey options.

    Read more about Smart Card Information Project Traveller Information
  2. West Yorkshire Transport Asset Management Plan

    Our ambition is to ensure that we make best use of our existing and future transport assets. We aim to ensure our transport networks are fit for the future and properly managed in a safe, sustainable, environmentally friendly and cost effective way.

    Read more about West Yorkshire Transport Asset Management Plan
  3. Smart Card Information Project Beacons Project

    The Bluetooth Beacons trial enabled participating volunteers to use their smartphone phone as a travel pass and was the UK’s first working deployment of a bus based Bluetooth beacons payment system.

    Read more about Smart Card Information Project Beacons Project
  4. Bus Station CCTV Upgrade

    This project aims to reduce the costs of the CCTV system and improve performance and resilience. The project will implement 228 new digital CCTV cameras in 26 buildings across West Yorkshire.

    Read more about Bus Station CCTV Upgrade
  5. Morley Transport Hub

    Morley Transport Hub is designed to improve links between bus services, improve pedestrian access to and from bus services and to address pedestrian safety issues.

    Read more about Morley Transport Hub
  6. Bus Shelter Refurbishment

    The Combined Authority owns around 500 bus shelters across West Yorkshire. This project is designed to replace bus shelters that show signs of deterioration in order to provide transport infrastructure that is fit for purpose and safe to use.

    Read more about Bus Shelter Refurbishment
  7. Access Bus Refurbishment

    The AccessBus service provides door to door transport to local facilities within each district of West Yorkshire and is mainly aimed at those with limited mobility.

    Read more about Access Bus Refurbishment
  8. Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles (ULEV)

    The Secretary of State for Transport has awarded West Yorkshire Combined Authority a capital grant on 30 March 2017 to deliver its Ultra-low Emission Vehicle (ULEV) Taxi Infrastructure proposals, for the low uptake scenario.

    Read more about Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles (ULEV)
  9. Bus Hotspots

    West Yorkshire Combined Authority is working together with the City Region’s major bus companies, Arriva, First, Transdev and the Association of Bus Operators in West Yorkshire on a new ambitious partnership, Bus 18.

    Read more about Bus Hotspots
  10. Cycle City Ambition Grant (CCAG)

    CityConnect is a West Yorkshire Combined Authority project designed to encourage more people to take part in active travel – such as cycling or walking – by creating high quality cycling infrastructure alongside engagement initiatives such as cycle training, cycle challenges, business and school support and behaviour change campaigns.

    Read more about Cycle City Ambition Grant (CCAG)
  11. Bus Strategy

    Buses are vital to West Yorkshire, its people, its businesses and its economy. Each week people in West Yorkshire make over 3.5 million journeys on local bus services, making them the most highly used form of public transport.

    Read more about Bus Strategy
  12. Rail Strategy

    The Local Transport Plan Strategy from 2011 – 2026 has a vision to develop a transport system that gives people access to what they want easily, efficiently and in a way that supports the environment, the economy and quality of life.

    Read more about Rail Strategy
  13. One System Public Transport

    We want to create a world class public transport system that connects different modes of transport seamlessly into one comprehensive, easy-to-use network.

    Read more about One System Public Transport
  14. Kirkstall Forge Rail Station

    WYCA, in partnership with Leeds City Council, Network Rail, Northern Rail and Commercial Estates Group (CEG) built a new rail station at Kirkstall Forge Leeds in 2016.

    Read more about Kirkstall Forge Rail Station

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