So far we have completed two consultations to identify the best way to bring Superfast Broadband to the region.

Original State Aid public consultation and closure report (Aug-Dec 2018)

A previous consultation was published on 2 Aug 2018 and closed on 3 Sept 2018. Following closure, the intervention areas were revised and incorporated into a procurement that commenced in Dec 2018, however there was no resulting contract award.

You can view this original Public Consultation (including maps) and the outcome report for information; it forms the basis of the Aug 2019 public consultation noted above.

State Aid public consultation (Aug 2019)

We conducted a public consultation during August 2019 in order to validate the intervention area mapping by allowing all interested stakeholders an opportunity to comment on the planned aid measure.

We requested information and supporting evidence in relation to basic and NGA broadband infrastructure within the project area and sought to hear from all relevant stakeholders (including residents, businesses as well as broadband infrastructure operators), particularly in relation to areas to be targeted as part of the NGA intervention area at Annex [A].

You can read the full details of the consultation and also examine the following associated documents:

This consultation closed on 17 September 2019 and the contract has now been awarded (see phase 2, below).